Thank you to all you wonderful teachers at Hamilton Preschool for all your hard work with our children. Chloe loves coming to preschool and I can see why. We hear all about the dynamic ways you deliver lessons and encourage participation and are pleased that Chloe is learning so much. It is a wonderful environment for the children and we are incredibly grateful.


Katherine S.

Hamilton Community Preschool provides an environment where my daughter is flourishing and thriving in her learning and developing. She goes to preschool with a smile and returns home with a smile on her face, beaming with excitement and stories of all the activities they take part in each day. It is a joy to watch her relationship with the teachers, and I can see that they genuinely love the children and the work that they do each day. I love the variety of activities that the children are involved in and the play-based learning that takes place- including cooking, gardening, craft, outdoor play, science experiments, puzzles, music, reading, building blocks, dress-ups, dolls, writing etc. The children are never bored and the teachers are always finding new and innovative ways to teach the children. I love the way the families are involved in the preschool, being invited in for special events and to help run activities in their area of expertise. I love the cultural diversity of the preschool, which makes my daughter feel at home. I am constantly telling others about the preschool and how thrilled we are that our daughter is a part of the wonderful school! We wouldn't want her going anywhere else for her early learning years, and I look forward to sending my younger children there too in future years. 

Brittany Darvas

My son has been excited to attend the preschool from his very first day. He comes home happy, telling stories of what he has learned throughout the day. I could tell immediately he was comfortable & being well looked after.

We have been astounded at the progress he has made this year. In particular in areas regarding school readiness but more importantly for us at this young age, socially. To see him become more confident within himself has been very satisfying.

We have found the staff warm, friendly but firm, funny & engaging. But most of all loving. They have a genuine interest in all ofthe children’s well-being & it’s clearly evident.

The school has an outstanding approach in addressing the educational needs of the children, not just academically but emotionally & socially. And I feel the teachers go above & beyond in personalising this for each of the children.

The preschool explores complex concepts in an easy, playful & practical way that our son has thoroughly enjoyed. He has been exposed to programs that provide multicultural, health, environmental & personal safety/ protection awareness. And that’s just to name a few!

He has been on excursions for music & gymnastics. Has had in-house cooking lessons & been involved with the banking buddies program. You name it this preschool does it!

What I find most comforting is that the staff are not complacent & continue to strive to provide the best in preschool care & education & always put the children first. This is evident through proving patents with surveys to promote praise or suggestions for need for improvement.

Families are kept updated through emailed daily journals, newsletters & Facebook. The open door policy is a great way for parents to be involved & the use of the children’s families to explore & share their own skills is also promoted.

We very much appreciate the incredible role that all the teachers at Hamilton community preschool have played in our sons early learning years. We highly recommend the school to any family wanting to provide their child with a fun, creative & caring early learning experience.

Carly Beacher

I came here and had the best time everyday. I went here it’s so much fun; the teachers are kind and the kids were good friends with me. I thank the teachers for teaching me.

From Emma

It has been a pleasure to have the staff of Hamilton Pre- School as part of our family over the last few years. They support and nurture our kids on a daily basis, and provide them with a happy, safe and supportive environment. Their commitment to learning and development programs provide our kids with the best possible start for big school. The kids day is structured around a school day routine, so by the time they reach kindy they are confident to tackle the new challenges of school.

Nicole Bozinoski

I have seen a remarkable change in my son during his first year of pre-school. At the beginning of the year, he refused to even hold a pencil – now he is writing his name with assistance and drawing pictures and painting. The teachers provide a caring and fun environment and all of the children are extremely happy. Every day is structured and programmed, with group time and outside play which assists the children with school readiness. The families of the children are often invited to participate in activities which create a strong sense of community. Being a community pre-school, it’s also nice to know that all fees collected go straight back into the pre-school, directly benefiting the children.

P. Tehan